The Clock Tower in Venice

The Clock Tower in Venice

Visit at the Clock Tower in St. Mark Square in Venice.

The Torre dell'Orologio (Clock Tower) is a building of the Renaissance period overlooking St. Mark’s Square in Venice.

Also known as Torre dei Mori (the Moors Tower), it is one of the most important architectural landmarks in Venice, with its large Astronomical Clock and the two dark bronze statues (the Moors of Venice) representing two peasants striking the big bell with their hammers every hour.

The Tower can be visited every day, you need to book your visit and the tour is accompanied by a specialized guide. The tour comprehends a vist and explanation of the complex Clock machinery, a vist to the wooden statues that appear only twice a year on the Tower (on Epiphany's day and Ascention's day), The Moors and the Bell. Moreover you can go out on the Two Moors Terrace and enjoy a breathtaking view of St. Mark's Square, Venice and the Lagoon.

The timetable is:

Visit in Italian language
All days at 12 am and 4 pm

Visit in English language
Monday to Wednesday: 10 am and 11 am
Thursday to Sunday: 2 pm and 3 pm

Visit in French language
Lundi, mardi et mercredi: 14h et 15h
Jeudi, vendredi, samedi et dimanche: 10h et 11h

Closed on December 25th, January 1rst, May 1rst.