Titian paintings

Titian paintings

Alternative and exclusive itinerary in Venice on the trails of all Titian paintings in town.

We at Hotel Mignon are always proud of the prominent figures that in the centuries represented and magnified our land and Venice in the world; one of these is undoubtedly the Venetian painter Tiziano (Titian). For this reason we love to guide you through a 2-days itinerary on Titian’s trails, a rewarding and fulfilling experience few can have. Why are we sure about this? Because we know very well that Titian is all around Venice, and we also know that sometimes we forget and ignore all the beauties we have right next door, and prefer to attend just the main events and venues. Come with us then…

Let's follow our itinerary starting from... the start, that's to say where many of us first approach Venice, the train station or the near bus station. Our first stop is inevitably

Basilica dei Frari where we can admire two famous works of Titian, the Assunta and the Pala Pesaro:
Basilica di Santa Maria Gloriosa dei Frari
Campo dei Frari - San Polo, 3072

Let’s now walk until

Chiesa di San Giovanni Elemosinario, next to the Rialto Bridge where we can find another Titian’s work, San Giovanni l'Elemosiniere
Chiesa di San Giovanni Elemosinario
San Polo, 479

Cross the most famous bridge in the world and you easily reach

Chiesa di San Salvador, where we find a Titian’s painting named Annunciazione
Chiesa di San Salvador
Campo San Salvador – San Marco 4835

If you then walk north, towards Fondamenta Nuove, the northern border of Venice historical centre, you will enjoy a breathtaking view while arriving there; in the most bright days you can spot from there all the Dolomites (the most beautiful Italian mountains where Titian was born), and in the nearby you can visit the

Chiesa di Santa Maria Assunta or I Gesuiti, where you find Tiziano’s work Martirio di San Lorenzo
Chiesa di Santa Maria Assunta detta I Gesuiti
Salizada de la Spechiera - Cannaregio 4885

At this point take our advice! You can wait ‘till next day to visit Accademia Galleries (where other Titian’s works are exhibited along with many other famous paintings and artists)… You have toured all around Venice and seen a great part of it, you have seen all the places of Titian, and right now you are not very far from the Hotel Mignon. Take a break and stay one night with us, enter your room, refresh, relax, get ready for your exciting evening in Venice and end it in San Marco Square.

Next day you can continue your itinerary on Titian’s trails and end it at the main Exhibition at the Accademia Galleries. Here you can admire two other Titian’s paintings permanently exhibited, the Presentazione di Maria al Tempio and the Pietà, besides uncountable other artists of all periods.

Schedule: Monday 8.15-14.00 (ticket office closes at 13.15); from Tuesday to Sunday from 8.15 to 19.15, ticket office closes at 18.30
Gallerie dell'Accademia
Campo della Carità - Dorsoduro 1050

After visiting the Accademia Galleries, our itinerary is not yet finished, because in the near famous and splendid

Basilica Della Salute, we can admire Titian’s San Marco in Trono, Caino e Abele, Davide e Golia
Basilica Della Salute
Campo della Salute – Dorsoduro 140

Please be aware that in most cases, the entrance in the above mentioned Churches are free of charge, sometimes they just ask for an offer/contribution for their expensive maintenance. Entrance is also subject to possible ongoing masses. As concerns the Accademia Galleries you must buy tickets for admission.

We hope you loved our itinerary and… who knows… maybe after this rewarding second day you could feel like staying one more night